The Tyrant’s Only Perfumer Manga

The Tyrant’s Only Perfumer
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    I Became The Sole Perfumer of A Tyrant, I Became the Tyrant's Only Perfumer, 폭군의 유일한 조향사가 되었습니다

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    Fairy Dragon;Team Dead Shell

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    Fantasy - Historical - Romance

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Read manhwa/manga/manhua The Tyrant’s Only Perfumer / 폭군의 유일한 조향사가 되었습니다 / 暴君のたった一人の調香師 / 成为他唯一的调香师 / มื่อฉันกลายเป็นนักปรุงน้ำหอมเพียงผู้เดียวของทรราช / L’unique parfumeuse du tyran / El perfume del tirano
In a world where the country is ruled by a tyrant that acts like a rabid dog and kills if he doesn’t smell a certain scent regularly, I possessed Ariel, the perfumer of Duke Cedric. The problem is that Ariel, the villainess, loves this crazy dog to the point of committing all kinds of obsessions and misdeeds!
“Duke, let’s break up.”
“Anyway, I forced you into this contractual relationship anyway, right?”
So I broke up with the Male Lead to survive somehow.
“…Wait, wait.”
“Don’t worry about the perfume. And I’ll let you go without you becoming a crazy dog.”
“Crazy… dog?”
Ups, I accidentally called him by the nickname I use in my head. And here I thought I was doing well, but…
“Now, you’re coming here?”
On the steps in front of my shop, the Male Lead is sitting pathetically? Was he not a crazy dog, but a puppy that was rained on?
I Became The Sole Perfumer of A Tyrant,
I Became the Tyrant’s Only Perfumer,
폭군의 유일한 조향사가 되었습니다

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